Tone Ag Consulting Ltd.
Improving profit through independent consulting

est. 1996
Services Provided
As an independent agriculture consulting firm, Tone Ag brings you the best solutions for your agricultural business. 
Damage Claims
Floods, insects, chemical drift, vandalism, and negligence can all damage crops. Tone Ag can help determine the cause of crop damage, assessing the value of the damage, and providing a expert witness for the claim.
Crop Scouting
Regular scouting of conventional and organic field crops. Pest and weed control recommendations. Same day reports and consultations. Field records for crop inputs. Crop planning strategies. Year-end report with a detailed description of crop scouting activities.
Manure Management
Manure and other nutrient sources are to be applied at rates equal to crop fertility demands, as described in the LMMMR. The goals are to achieve efficient utilization of manure, increase net income, and minimize environmental impacts.
On-Farm Trials
Building local agronomic knowledge for Manitoba Farms
GIS Mapping
Farm maps, combine data, soils maps, any maps
Soil Sampling
Random-composite sampling, zone sampling, samples taken up to 30' deep
Irrigation Assessments
Suitability for installing irrigation systems or expanding existing systems
Agronomy on Demand
On-call to answer questions and solve problems
Located just North of St. Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba
General Contacts
Ron Tone P.Ag, CCA
Specializes in forensic agrology, soil sample interpretation, agronomic and environmental irrigation assessments.

Cell Phone (204) 346-2064
Office Phone (204) 433-7189
Office fax (204) 433-3335
Elizabeth Karpinchick, P.Ag, CCA
Specializes in integrated pest management, soil fertility and management, organically trained agronomist.

Cell Phone (204) 894-5395
Office Phone (204) 433-7189
Office fax (204) 433-3335
Jordan Karpinchick, CCA
GIS Technician/On-Farm Trial Coordinator

Cell Phone (204) 807-5395
Office Phone (204) 433-7189
Office fax (204) 433-3335