On-Farm Trials - Building Manitoba Agronomic Data
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Replicated strip trials are used to evaluate efficacy and profitability of inputs and management practices. Access to Manitoba agronomic data is an important tool to assess new production practices in all crops. Collaborating with other growers is a great way to build robust data sets, and increase confidence in management decisions. 

If you are a grower interested in field-scale trials, please feel free to give us a call at 204-433-7189.

Tone Ag has been fortunate to be a part of the Manitoba Pulse and Soybean growers On-Farm Trial Network since 2012. The trials have evaluated soybean seeding rate, seed treatments, inoculant strategies, foliar fungicide applications and fertilizer application as well as some field pea and edible bean trials. 

We are also working with the Manitoba Corn Growers Association in 2019 to continue the study of the effects of nitrogen rate and timing in corn production. Results from last year's trials can be found here.

Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers Association
MPSG has a wonderful database of all the On-Farm Network trials that can be found here
Manitoba Corn Growers Association

Results from previous corn trials can be found here.

We partner with local farms to set up replicated field trials for:
  • New Products
  • New Technology
  • Agronomic Practices