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Canadian Wheat Board WeatherBug network

Manitoba Weather

Manitoba Weather

I’ve talked about Manitoba Ag-Weather Stations and Environment Canada Weather Stations as good sources for historical weather data.  The Canadian Wheat Board also has the WeatherBug network of weather stations across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.  There also seem to be other stations in the network across Canada and the world, but the browser application didn’t show me those consistently so I couldn’t check them out.

On the demo site they offer daily historical data such as temperature, wind speed, and dewpoint.  I’m trying to find out if we can get historical hourly breakdowns that would include rainfall and wind direction.  There seem to be a lot of these stations, so they would be very helpful in getting weather data for damage claims and for general crop scouting.

The Canadian Wheat Board has a video with Chris Kletke talking about the benefits of having a weather station on his farm.  Chris is my cousin, so I’ll have to ask him about this at the next family get-together.  The things you learn on the Internet!

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