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Damage Claims

One thing we’re seeing a lot of this year is spray drift on fields, particularly Roundup on Liberty Canola. Here’s an article I wrote up on damage for the Agri-Post. Dealing with Damage Something awful has happened to your crop. Spray drift from the neighbor’s has killed half your crop, cows have wandered over and […]


The Canadian Wheat Board has expanded their offerings via the WeatherBug network.  WeatherFarm offers a more complete weather service including forecasts and historical data for weather stations across Manitoba.  You just need to create a login and you’re good to go.  This will be tremendously valuable to us for crop scouting and for damage claims.

Glyphosate Herbicide Transport to Plant Roots

Richard Zollinger pointed out research on the NDSU-AGDAKOTA mailing list.  Research Scientist Pirkko Laitinen in Finland shows that there is  Significant glyphosate herbicide transport to plant roots. One of the things that makes glyphosate such a useful herbicide is that it breaks down very quickly.  Even crops that are glyphosate intolerant can be seeded within […]

Canadian Wheat Board WeatherBug network

I’ve talked about Manitoba Ag-Weather Stations and Environment Canada Weather Stations as good sources for historical weather data.  The Canadian Wheat Board also has the WeatherBug network of weather stations across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.  There also seem to be other stations in the network across Canada and the world, but the browser application didn’t […]

Crop Damage Claim Help

Something awful has happened to your crop.  Spray drift from the neighbor’s has killed half your crop, cows have wandered over and munched their way through your plastic silage cover, the latest drain modifications and heavy rains have washed away half your field, strips of the field were missed, hay was baled when it was […]

Manitoba Ag-Weather Stations

As a follow-up to Friday’s post on Environment Canada Weather Stations, I have made up files showing the Manitoba Ag-Weather Program Stations.  NOTE: These are going to be even more inaccurate than the Environment Canada Weather Stations.  The points represent the towns that share the names of the Manitoba Ag-Weather Stations rather than the actual […]

Environment Canada Weather Stations

As I mentioned in an earlier post, it would be useful to have a map showing the weather stations around Manitoba.  It looks as though there are about 50 stations across Manitoba that provide hourly weather data.  I have taken the coordinates from the National Climate Data and Information Archive and mapped the approximate locations […]

Introduction to Geotagging Images

Geotagging is a way of adding information to photos to show where and when they were taken.  Digital Photography School has a good Introduction to Geotagging Images.  I found the part on geotagging images using a separate GPS and camera to be particularly interesting.  The precision that a GPS brings when tagging photos for damage […]

Talking About the Weather in Manitoba

Knowing about the weather is key in agriculture.  If someone could come up with a way of predicting the weather ahead of time with 100% accuracy, they would be rich.  Everyone would know what crops to plant, when to plant them, and how to time all the subsequent crop operations.  Unfortunately, even short-range forecasts are […]