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Manure and Tile Drainage has an article up on Preferential Flow of Manure in Tile Drainage. We’ve done some work with tile drainage and plenty of work with manure application, but no projects so far that overlap the two. A lot of of the advice seems like common sense, e.g don’t apply manure when the drains are flowing. […]

Relating Veris Readings to Salinity

One of the challenges for irrigated potato production in Manitoba is that potatoes are quite sensitive to salinity.  Mapping salinity in a field is done via Veris, which measures the electrical conductivity (EC) of the soil.  Unfortunately factors such as soil moisture and soil texture can affect the Veris readings, so these readings need to […]

Veris Work in Manitoba

Tone Ag Consulting uses a two step process to map soil salinity.  First,we use Veris to measure the electrical conductivity (EC) of the soil across the field.  Then we select areas of the field with high, medium, and low EC and take soil samples.  These samples are sent to a soils laboratory to measure their […]